Presently, there is a massive increase in the number of people immigrating to Canada. The country is known to be one of the nations accommodating and welcoming immigrants from different parts of the world.

Canada has become one of the most favourite destinations for immigrants. The Canadian immigration policies are one of the reasons immigrants choose the country as their favourite destination. Aside from the Canadian friendly immigration policies, the country also has a high standard of living, medical benefits, great employment opportunities, safety and security, amazing geographical locations and its citizens are very welcoming to immigrants.

Most people seeking to travel to Canada to enjoy the high standard of living in the country always ask this question” What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada?”


Note that Canada has a lot of job opportunities and they include both skilled and unskilled jobs for immigrants, however, some jobs are listed among the most in-demand jobs and so building a career path in those professions should not be difficult because of the help of staffing agencies. Canada brings in immigrants to help fill in the ageing labour force and to boost the country’s economy.

The most in-demand ranges from skilled labour such as a general labourer, truck driver and plumbers. There are also roles for skilled workers in the administrative and professional field like receptionists and project managers.

There are lots of job opportunities in all provinces and territories in Canada and the jobs available have different career paths for everyone that matches their strengths and skills.

Below are the most in-demand jobs in Canada.


The Most In-demand Jobs in Canada

  1. Pharmacists

This profession requires you to study chemistry, pharmacy practice and laboratory science.

As pharmacists play a major role in drug treatment, it is no wonder that it is among the most in-demand jobs in Canada. In order to work as a pharmacist, you will need to take up a post-secondary education at a recognized institution.

If you already have a degree in Pharmacy or if you want to make your way into the field of Pharmacy then there are some places where you can start your journey as a pharmacist.

  1. Truck Drivers

Truck drivers transport freight by land on commercial passenger vehicles such as cars, buses, and motorcycles.  Being a truck driver can be quite lucrative but there are many steps that need to be taken before becoming a truck driver. The necessary certification for a truck driver is a commercial vehicle driver’s license, or a forklift operator certification. Job opportunities as a truck driver should not be difficult to find as long as you have the necessary and required licenses.


  1. Web Developer

Web developers develop websites using programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. In other words, web developers create web pages using programs called software applications or application programs. They may work on large corporate websites or personal websites for individuals. Many people who love programming would want to get into this field but it is important to know that web development requires some basic knowledge of computers and computer science.

After completing your basic education and working on various projects you should start taking advanced classes in web development.

  1. Electricians

Electricians deal with electricity and they install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring systems in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. The majority of electrical jobs require experience and formal training but once you get into the industry you will find that the number of opportunities is limitless. Electrical Installation jobs can also provide good financial returns so it is worth investing your time and money into these types of courses.

  1. Nurses

Nurses help care for patients who are ill or injured and treat diseases and injuries through professional nursing care. Nursing schools are regulated by each state, but some states do not require formal education for those looking to work as a nurse. Those looking to become a nurse will need to have an associate’s degree in nursing and obtain their CNA license before they can enter the workforce. There are many different areas in nursing where one can specialize such as family nurse practitioner, school nurse, home health nurse, psychiatric nurse, critical care nurse, geriatric nurse, emergency nurse, hospice nurse, travel nurse, case manager, lactation specialist, public health nurse, child life specialist, labour and delivery nurse.

  1. Welder

A welder combines metal pieces using high-heat tools such as plasma cutters and brazing torches. If you enjoy problem-solving and would like to use your technical knowledge to build machines and products then this may be the right career for you. Although welding requires extensive training and the application of complex skills there are opportunities for individuals who do not have these skills.

  1. Veterinarian

If you enjoy caring for animals then becoming a veterinarian may be a good choice for you. While veterinary medicine is highly specialized it is still possible to learn on the job or online without going to college. Once you complete your degree program you will need to get licensed by the state where you wish to practice as a veterinarian. When applying for licensing exams there are multiple sections that must be passed for example microbiology, pathology, public health, diagnostic imaging, etc. Additionally, you will need to acquire continuing education units every few years in order to maintain your license.

  1. Receptionists

Receptionists greet customers and help with administrative tasks in office buildings and clinics. This position is extremely common in small businesses and corporations as they offer some of the most interesting opportunities in terms of work experience. As well as customer service experience there are other valuable skills that can be developed including leadership, written and verbal communication, accounting, finance, marketing, time management, business ethics, conflict resolution, human resources, sales, and networking.

  1. Software Engineer 

Many companies require their employees to possess certain computer programming skills in order to succeed in their field. If you have enjoyed programming your own games or software then this career path may be right for you. With each company using different languages, there are multiple ways to develop computer programming skills including both classroom-based courses and independent research. In addition to developing these skills, there are many jobs available within this field such as designing graphics, debugging code, debugging tools, virtual reality design, animation, mobile phone application development, website design, web services, internet security, mobile devices, game development, video games, network systems, database management, artificial intelligence, game engines and hardware design.