Canada has become one of the favorite destinations for immigrants and this is not a surprise to many. The country boasts a robust economy, quality education, high standard of living, medical benefits, security and safety and lots of employment opportunities. Canada is also in need of workers, especially skilled workers to replace the ageing labor face and this will help strengthen the country’s economy.

The world has already become digital and new technologies and innovations are still emerging, this change has made tech jobs constantly be in demand in Canada. The top job in the tech and IT sector requires skills and experience relevant to computer science, data and security.


IT is known to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in Canada. The sector has continued to witness massive growth in employment and employment opportunities. Technology is evolving at a very fast pace globally and Canada is set to take advantage of the technology boom as it has already begun adopting new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Security and Cloud services and much more.

Employers in Canada are presently looking for qualified candidates to fill the vacant IT job vacancy, they are looking for candidates who have skills in design, developing and maintaining a variety of technology solutions.

Below are the best and top in-demand IT jobs in Canada.

The Best IT and Tech Jobs in Canada


  1. Developers/ Programmer

Programmers or developers are those professionals who specialize in building programs or software for websites, desktop applications, software applications, game programming, video games, embedded systems, etc. There are different types of programmers that have their niche areas of work.

Data Analysis & Programming – Specializes in providing custom programs that use complex mathematical calculations to extract data from sources like SQL databases, SAS databases, MySQL databases, RDBMS databases, MongoDB, XML files, JSON files, Excel spreadsheets, XML documents, or other forms of unstructured data.

Web Development – Developing dynamic websites that interact with visitors using advanced coding skills.



  1. Data Scientists

Data science professionals study patterns and learn how to collect, manipulate, clean, analyze, and interpret data for various industries.

There are several ways of carrying out data science tasks: Statistics, programming, algorithms

  • Deep Learning & Machine Learning – Employs algorithms to solve real-world problems using computer vision, pattern recognition, statistical analysis, classification, clustering, time series analysis, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Algorithms that analyze large amounts of data to come up with models that mimic human decision-making capabilities.
  1. Cloud Architect 

One of the most important positions in any company is the Cloud Architect. It’s responsible for all aspects of designing, managing, implementing, and monitoring. It can be divided into various sectors like

Cloud Architecture – Designing and implementing secure cloud architectures using virtualization and other technologies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – An Amazon web services based system that provides access to a variety of products.

Big Data Analytics – Analytics platforms for ingesting, analyzing, and preparing large amounts of data to discover trends, detect patterns, and make predictions.

  1. IT Project Manager 

In an industry where computers are everywhere, being a project manager can help your company become more efficient and organized. In a position where technology plays a huge role, you need to be on top of things to make sure everything goes according to plan and take initiative in bringing new ideas to the table. While there are countless different kinds of IT project managers, some key responsibilities include planning and coordinating activities with project team members, budgeting and cost control.

  1. Full-Stack Developers

While it is true that every business has its own specialized niche, it is very important to hire developers who can design their own code as well as someone who can take on roles like client interaction, front-end design and backend development.

An ability to work across multiple disciplines is crucial in today’s digital age. Many organizations rely on companies like Applied Technologies for staffing needs because we have full-stack developers who can develop on multiple platforms.

  1. Business Analyst

Business analysts provide a high-level strategy for projects by conducting thorough research to ensure they have the best product or service for their clients. You will also need to possess excellent listening skills and have an eye for detail. There are many fields for business analysts to work in. Your path could be anything from working with web development teams to becoming a senior consultant or executive level specialist.

  1. Software Engineer

Software engineers play a vital role in many aspects of our lives. They build software applications that power mobile devices, powerful productivity tools, drive sophisticated communications networks, control autonomous systems, operate computer hardware, analyze information, create intelligent multimedia services, control telecommunications networks, deliver targeted marketing messages, analyze customer behavior, protect security systems, etc.

  1. Cloud & Systems Administrators

A lot of work happens in the cloud. Many people assume this means there is not much need for cloud administrators. However, this is far from the truth. Administrators manage cloud infrastructure that provides storage, software applications, database management, analytics, computing power, etc. We use these systems every day without realizing how they were built or managed. As such, you’ll need to be very good at working with both Linux and Windows environments.

  1. Security Analysts/Architect

It’s important to ensure our privacy and safety online. A security analyst evaluates threats to personal information and vulnerabilities that may exist in any computer system. If you have excellent problem-solving skills and a background in mathematics, then you’ll make a great security analyst. It’s crucial to keep these types of roles open as cyberattacks continue to grow more sophisticated.

  1. Network Engineer

Whether you’re designing new networking hardware or creating software that interacts with existing networking equipment, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the internet. That’s why network engineers are such key figures in today’s tech world.

  1. Quality Assurance Analyst 

Quality assurance analysts help make sure a product meets expectations. In many cases, they will perform user acceptance testing before a product goes to market. Quality assurance analysts use computers to simulate user experiences and ensure products function properly. Because quality assurance analysts often have strong knowledge of programming languages, it’s an excellent way to make sure your tech career moves forward.

You can build your own career by taking on one of these 11 key roles.