Traveling to Canada has proven to be a herculean task in the past for some people but a walk in the park for the others, regardless of which side you fall in, do note that getting into Canada can be achieved if you have the right set of mind and do the right things.

Foreign nationals who have decided to research the possibilities of traveling to Canada without a work permit can rest assured that it is very possible.

Work Permit

A work permit is a document given to you that will grant you access to working in Canada. Without a work permit, you may not be allowed to work in Canada. I used the word ‘may not’ because the statement does not cut across all works of life. There are some jobs that are exempted from getting a work permit.

Exempted  Jobs

As earlier stated there are jobs that do not necessarily need a work permit for you to travel to Canada. This article will be touching on some of them.


A priest does not necessarily need a work permit to come into Canada to do the work of God. As long as you are ordained and are coming to preach and convert people to God then you can be exempted from a work permit.

Military Personnel

Gaining access into Canada is not an issue for military personnel and will not be needing a work permit, the reason being that you need to show that you are mandated to visit the country under the Visiting Forces Act.

Public Speakers

Public speakers who are to give a talk at a seminar, conference, meeting, etc may be granted access without the need for the work permit on the assurance that your business in Canada will not last more than five (5) days.


If you are a coach or athlete that is competing with Canada, then you might be exempted from getting a work permit. This provision covers athletes, coaches, and other members of foreign teams. If you are a part of a Canadian team, you will require a work permit.

Civil Aviation Inspector

The civil aviation inspector is someone who is employed to inspect the state of aircraft before flying them out therefore if you are required to do a quick check-in in Canada then you will be exempted from getting a work permit.

Expert Witness/Investigator

If you work with the justice system, or regulatory bodies, to provide a piece of evidence or the other in Canada then you may not need a work permit.

Health Care Student

Foreign nationals who feel that they would want to undertake a role as a trainee after/during school can be exempted too. However, there are conditions for this and they go thus;

  • The training must not be more than four months;
  • Health care students must attend clinical clerkship;
  • The main goal for employment is strictly for training purposes;
  • Foreign nationals must have written approval from the provincial regulatory body, although this does not necessarily apply to all provinces.