Canada is one of the easiest places to obtain a Canadian passport and a non-travelling visa, but how do you go about applying for it? And what should you expect to be required of you as you go through the process?

This article will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. It will tell you exactly what documents you need to bring with you, what the documents mean, and what kind of fees you may have to pay along the way.

Finally, it will show you how to apply for your Canadian passport so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Before we begin, though, let’s define some terms.

What is a passport? A passport is a piece of identification issued by a government that gives the holder the right to travel anywhere he or she wishes in the world.

For many people, obtaining a passport is something that happens at birth. Their parents apply for one on their behalf and present it to them when they turn 18. But if your parents were not legally married, if they never applied for one on your behalf, or if you do not have any sort of legal proof of citizenship, then you may need to apply for one yourself.

A Canadian passport is a travel document issued to citizens that allows Canadian citizens to travel the world. A Canadian passport enables the holder to re-enter Canada without restrictions. All Canadian passports are issued through immigration and Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

How to apply for a Canadian Passport

Note that all applicants must fill out the application form, submit the required documents and pay all the required fees.

Application Form

The application form varies, it varies based on if you are applying from Canada or outside Canada. The application form can be gotten at your nearest Government of Canada office abroad.

The Required Documents

Below are the following documents you will need to submit:

  • All three (3) pages of the application form must be completed, signed and must be within the last 1 year and certified by your guarantor.
  • Identical passport photos (They must be two) and should be taken within the last 1 year and certified by your guarantor.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Proof of identity
  • Canadian passport or any travel document that was given to you within the last 5 years

Also, note that

  • You may be contacted to provide additional documents or information
  • Documents required must be original, only original documents will be accepted and they will also be returned
  • All documents provided in a foreign language other than English or French must be followed by a translation from a recognized and certified translator. For my information click here

Accompanied Fees

Applicants in the United States can only submit their application and supporting documents and the application fees only via mail. Applicants in the United States cannot take their application to the Government of Canada Office in the US. You will be sending original documents so a courier or mail service will be recommended because it will allow you to track your mail in case it gets misplaced.

If you are in any other country aside from the US or Canada, your application must be submitted at the nearest Government of Canada Office Abroad.

For more information about the processing time and how to request urgent processing, visit the Passport Canada website.